Poly Products

Adaptaflex Grommets

Instantly provides a water and vapor seal on either curved or flat surfaces!

  • Ease of Installation — No Tools Required
  • Weather and Corrosion Resistant
  • No Bolts or Gaskets Required
  • Requires No Sealants
  • Durable PVC Composition
  • Available in 3/8″ through 6″ sizes
  • Works with Steel Pipe, Schedule 35 and 40 Plastic Pipe

Material: PVC 70 Durometer

Adaptaflex Fittings (PDF)


  1. Chamfer ends of pipe for ease of installation
  2. Lubricate the pipe with soapy water
  3. Use hole saw to cut opening

IMPORTANT – See chart for correct hole saw size

Features / Specifications

Product NumberAAF SizeHole Saw Size
AKP101004″ SCH 355″
AKP101104″ SCH 405″
AKP101206″ SCH 357″
AKP101306″ SCH 407″