Custom Molding

AK Industries, Inc. has always believed in a philosophy of versatility and innovation. 

We take a great deal of pride in our Custom Rotational Molding Division and our many satisfied customers.

We currently produce over fifty different polyethylene rotationally molded custom products. Some of these include playground equipment for Recreation Creations, LLC ©, one-pound battery bins for restored MGB© automobiles, large fenders on waste disposal trucks for the Wastequip Corporation©, transmission covers for trucks, support bases for gaming tables by the Carrom Company©, and many more products.

We have many machines, in which we can run your molds from under 5lb parts all the way to parts weighing in over 1000lbs. Especially, with the addition of our new machine the SRM 4500-3C.  With two off-set arms (5,600 lbs. each) and one straight arm (7000 lbs.) AK has increased our versatility 10-fold! 

At AK we go above and beyond for our customers and their custom product needs.  We will be happy to assist with product development, design, testing, tooling, and any other questions you may have. Please feel free to fill out the New Products Information Page and send it back to us so we can get to work for you! 

In our thirty plus years of rotational molding, we have learned that by following the principles in our mission statement. You cannot go wrong with years of experience in the field of custom rotational plastics.  Whether your product is large or small, AK can do it all.