The only way to begin this post about, WEFTEC 2014, is by saying unequivocally, “What a show!!” #WEFTEC14

WEFTEC presented itself with a great venue, companies, and their products.  Combine those with the flavors, music, and uniqueness of New Orleans, and the voodoo brew swirled around us in an all-encompassing experience.  The energizing effect of WEFTEC 2014, on AK Industries / Hydro-Action, has been well noticed around our corridors.  Putting it mildly, we haven’t been able to shut-up about it since!  Nor should we stop, because AK reveled in new opportunities, old friends, and positive feedback.    

We cannot thank our customers enough for their telling us of AK’s customer service, product quality, and industry knowledge.  It was not surprising to find 10-15+ customers at our booth consistently throughout the show.  There were so many new inquiries into our products that we were frenetically keeping up with them.  It was fun to see all of the new customers intermingling with those that AK/Hydro-Action have been doing business with for many years.  Some have been with us since the beginning of our over 30 years in the industry, which shows our strong relationship qualities with our customers and AK’s excellence.

The items, which represented AK’S product diversity (which we literally sweated over while displaying…it’s HUMID in NOLA, ya’ll!) were:

It is our wish that we get to call you our new, long-term customers for AK / Hydro-Action.  Contact us today!

We look forward to seeing you in Chi-Town WEFTEC 2015!  #WEFTEC15.