AK Industries Expands Production and Adds Jobs

Investment in New Rotational Molding Machine to Increase Production Capacity

For Immediate Release:

PLYMOUTH, Indiana—August 25, 2015–AK Industries (www.akindustries.com) recently installed in a new rotationally molding machine to expand their production capacity and add new jobs to their 100 employee work force. This new machine is the largest sized machine at the company to expand our scale of total manufacturing potential. 

AK Industries is a fiberglass basin and rotational molding manufacturing company that specializes in making products for water management, wastewater, recreation, and custom plastic products for any market. The new machine is expected to create up to five new permanent positions at the company.

“We are proud to expand our production capacity in order to meet growing demand from our customers who are seeing their sales increase that puts a greater demand for us to produce great products. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, and this new machine will help us grow over even more over the next 30 years while creating new opportunities for larger products,” said Pete Sabo, Business Development Manager at AK Industries.

The SRM 4500 is a highly efficient three shuttle arm rotational molding oven that makes products faster with greater control over the production cycles through advanced monitoring components. It has one straight arm and two offset arms, while increase our flexibility and product size range.

 This state-of-the-art rotational molding machine is completely computerized and provides greater feedback on production cycle times, temperatures, and plastic molding flow.  It has independent, automatic control for each arm so that up to three different products can be ran in succession without any interruptions.

AK Industries is available for more information about the company, our products, and the new machine. For any questions, please contact AK Industries at 1-800-370-3749 or at www.akindustries.com.


AK Industries was founded in Plymouth, IN in 1981 and has been a leader in the wastewater industry as a manufacturer of fiberglass basins, lift stations, and rotationally molded plastic products. The company employs over 100 workers and is family-owned and operated since for nearly 35 years. 

Press contact:

Name: Pete Sabo
Mobile: 574-276-9681
Email: Pete@akindustries.com
Website: www.akindustries.com