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Triple Garage Basins

The AK Industries Polyethylene Triple Garage Basin Systems provide superior separation of oil, gas and other volatile liquids. Typically used in garages, cleaning plants, and several other facilities where volatile gases can develop causing potentially explosive situations. Fumes are passed into the air via a venting system, while allowing fluids to pass through the system safely.  

The Polyethylene Triple Garage Basin Systems are manufactured using a rotational molding process with a high grade plastic. This process ensures superior strength and durability with its non-corrosive polyethylene construction over other like units on the market. 

The Poly Triple Garage Basin has a 100 Gallon capacity, comes standard with 4″ inlet and outlets, 2″ vent fittings on each tank and is available with north or south vent options. It also is available with east to west or west to east flows. The unit comes completely assembled with three powder coated steel lids, for easy stress free installation.

Installation Instructions (PDF)

Material: Hexene Copolymer of Linear Low Density Polyethylene

Weight:75 lbs.

Volume: 100 Gallons

Warranty: One Year

Assembled at the factory for easy installation

Steel Powder Coated Covers

4″ Cast Iron Inlet/Outlet Fittings

2″ Vent Fittings on each Basin

8 Molded Inserts to protect self-tapping screws from concrete

Watch our YouTube Video for the Triple Garage Basin

Features / Specifications

Part NumberDescriptionTechnical Drawing
AKP50650Triple Garage Basin W/ North Vent                                 AKP50650 (PDF)