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Flexible Entry Boots

Flexible Entry Boots are reliable, safe seals for pipe and conduit entries into underground containment sumps. These entry boots allow for angled pipe entries and have no exposed metal parts to the underground environment. These entry boots are available in a variety of sizes and designs to accommodate rigid and flexible piping, ducting and access pipe.

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Primary pipe and access pipe entering the containment sumps may not be perpendicular with the sump wall. Angled entries are generally a result of directional plumbing restrictions on the inside of the containment chamber due to space limitations. Flexible entry boots are flexible enough to permit angled pipe or conduit entries (on two axes) into the sidewall of a containment chamber. All flexible entry boots permit angled entries up to a 15-degree angle off the perpendicular center line in any direction without leaking or putting undue stress on the pipe or conduit seal.

Features / Specifications

 Environ Boots
 Part NumberSizeInletDischargeElectricVent
PL-150ENV1 1/2″****