Fiberglass Products

24 Inch Basin Covers

Standard covers are available in 1/4″ thickness and above rated at 300 Lbs pedestrian load rated. The steel covers in a 10GA material will not be rated. Steel covers are of a smooth surface available in a non-corrosive enamel finish, powder coating, epoxy coating, or galvanized finish. The fiberglass covers and the aluminum covers are complete with a diamond plate finish. The fiberglass covers have a UV inhibitor to protect against fading or chaulking. All covers provided by AK Industries carry a one-year warranty against defects in material and/or workmanship.

Warranty: One Year (PDF)

Round Covers: (6) 9/16″ holes on a 26 1/2″ Bolt Circle

Square Covers: (8) 9/16″ holes on a 26 1/2″ Bolt Pattern

Features / Specifications

24″ Covers (Round)
 Part Number DescriptionThickness/Lip ThicknessWeight
 GL-24FSC-32 24″ Solid Fiberglass W/ LipCov. 1/4″, Lip. 3/4″17 LBS
 GL-24PDC 24″ Black Poly Dome Cover7/16″10 LBS
 LB-10-S2400 Solid Steel10 GA.24 LBS
 LB-10-S2401 Simplex Steel10 GA.29 LBS
 LB-10-S2401-I Simplex Steel W/ Inspection Plate10 GA.29 LBS
 LB-10-S2402 Duplex Steel10 GA.31 LBS
 LB-10-S2402-I Duplex Steel W/ Inspection Plate10 GA.31 LBS
 LB-S2400 Solid Steel1/4″44 LBS
 LB-S2400 PERF Solid Perforated Steel1/4″42 LBS
 LB-A2400 Solid Aluminum1/4″24 LBS
 LB-A2400 PERF Solid Perforated Aluminum1/4″22 LBS
 LB-S2401 Simplex Steel1/4″49 LBS
 LB-S2401 PERF Simplex Perforated Steel1/4″47 LBS
 LB-A2401 Simplex Aluminum1/4″26 LBS
 LB-A2401 PERF Simplex Aluminum Perforated1/4″24 LBS
 LB-S2401-I Simplex Steel W/ Inspection Plate1/4″52 LBS
 LB-S2401-I PERF Simplex Perforated Steel W/ Inspection Plate1/4″50 LBS
 LB-A2401-I Simplex Aluminum W/ Inspection Plate1/4″26 LBS
 LB-A2401-I PERF Simplex Perforated Aluminum W/ Inspection Plate1/4″24 LBS
 LB-S2402 Duplex Steel1/4″52 LBS
 LB-A2402 Duplex Aluminum1/4″30 LBS
 LB-S2402-I Duplex Steel W/ Inspection Plate1/4″52 LBS
 LB-A2402-I Duplex Aluminum W/ Inspection Plate1/4″30 LBS
 GL-24 SPLIT Fiberglass Split3/8″17 LBS
 LB-S24HDC Steel Hinged Door1/4″82 LBS
 LB-A24HDC Aluminum Hinged Door1/4″40 LBS
24″ Covers (Square)
 Part Number DescriptionThicknessWeight
 LB-S2400-01 Square Solid Steel1/4″44 LBS
 LB-S2400-01 PERF Square Perforated Steel1/4″42 LBS
 LB-A2400-01 Square Solid Aluminum1/4″24 LBS
 LB-A2400-01 PERF Square Perforated Aluminum1/4″22 LBS
 LB-S2401-01 Square Simplex Steel1/4″49 LBS
 LB-S2401-01 PERF Square Simplex Perforated Steel1/4″48 LBS
 LB-A2401-01 Square Simplex Aluminum1/4″26 LBS
 LB-A2401-01 PERF Square Simplex Perforated Aluminum1/4″24 LBS
 LB-S2401-I-01 Square Simplex Steel W/ Inspection Plate1/4″52 LBS
 LB-S2401-I-01 PERF Square Simplex Perforated Steel W/ Inspection Plate1/4″50 LBS
 LB-S2401-I-01 Square Simplex Aluminum W/ Inspection Plate1/4″26 LBS
 LB-S2401-I-01 PERF Square Simplex Perforated Aluminum W/ Inspection Plate1/4″24 LBS
 LB-S2402-01 Square Duplex Steel1/4″52 LBS
 LB-A2402-01 Square Duplex Aluminum1/4″30 LBS
 LB-S2402-I-01 Square Duplex Steel W/ Inspection Plate1/4″52 LBS
 LB-A2402-I-01 Square Duplex Aluminum W/ Inspection Plate1/4″30 LBS
 LB-S24HDC Square Steel Hinge Door1/4″82 LBS
 LB-A24HDC Square Aluminum Hinge Door1/4″40 LBS