Radon Sump Adapter

The AK Radon Sump adapter is designed to be used with any existing, already installed sump basin sizes 18" to 24". This adapter will create a radon gas-tight seal around the existing sump basin, and it can be used with any 18” AK covers. Pictured above is the two-piece clear cover, which is also gasketed for radon prevention.

Features / Specifications

Installation Instructions (PDF)

Material: Hexene Copolymer of Linear Low Density Polyethylene

Weight:  9 lbs.

Warranty: One Year

• Creates radon gas-tight seal around pre-existing sump basins
• Accepts all AK 18” sump and sewage basin covers
• Max temperature: 140 degrees F
• Optional side venting location
• Molded inserts design protects screws from concrete corrosion
• Does not include cover. See below for links to compatible covers.

  1. 18" Two-Piece Clear Cover
  2. 18" Structural Foam Covers
  3. 18" Steel Cover
Part Number Description Technical Drawing
AKP50650 Triple Garage Basin W/ North Vent                                  AKP50650 (PDF)