Fiberglass Covers

Standard covers available in 1/4" thickness and above rated at 300 PSF (pounds per square foot). Fiberglass covers come complete with a diamond plate finish. The fiberglass covers have a UV inhibitor to protect against fading or chaulking. All covers provided by AK Industries carry a one-year warranty against defects in material and/or workmanship.

Features / Specifications

Material: Resin Coated Fiberglass

Weight: See Chart

Warranty: One Year (PDF)


 Fiberglass Covers (Round)
 Part Number  Description Thickness Weight
 AKP90000 (PDF)
24" Solid Fiberglass 3/8" 17 LBS
 AKP90010 (PDF)
30" Solid Fiberglass 3/8" 20 LBS
 AKP90020 (PDF)
36" Solid Fiberglass Cover 3/8"
34 LBS
 AKP90050 (PDF)
24" Solid Co-Poly Cover 1/4"