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Residential Gravity Septic Tanks
  • Maximum berth depth is 24” to the top of tank. Suitable for light lawn traffic (light lawn tractors no vehicles).
  • Not to be used as holding or pump tank, gravity only.
  • New green safety lids available.
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Poly Pro Series Sump & Sewage Basins
  • Available in 18x22 or 18x30 Sizes.
  • Reinforced Reccessed Flange.
  • Available with Several Structural Foam or Steel Cover Configurations.
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Fiberglass Basins
  • The basin shall be constructed of fiberglass in any AK standard diameter up to and including 120" and specified depth.
  • The bottom of the basin shall be reinforced with a fiberglass plate extending beyond the basin diameter for anchoring to a concrete pad.
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New Stocking Locations
AK Industries is excited to inform you of the opening of our new stocking locations. Effective immediately we have a selection... more